Hand tuned, hand made beautiful sounding wind chimes.

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Let us show you why we think that handmade and hand tuned Wind Chimes are special.  This is a site devoted to the way we manufacture, repair and sell our handmade, hand tuned Wind Chimes.   We have been doing this for almost 15 years.  What started as a way to keep Bob busy as he approached retirement and it has become an obsession and passion.  We love building these for you.

Handmade does not mean that we create the aluminum tubes,  that we grow the trees that go into the wooden parts.  It means that we cut, drill, sand, connect and stain to make your chimes.  Each tube is precisely measured to length and then based upon the length, the hanging hole is then drilled for precision.  Both ends as well as the hanging holes are then deburred.  As an added measure to preserve the string that holds this all together, rubber grommets are used in the drilled hanging holes.  

We take these extra measures  because we think that handmade and hand tuned Wind Chimes are very special and should be built as such.

We hope in a very gentle fashion to expand your knowledge of handmade and hand tuned Wind Chimes and a desire to own one of our sets.  We are very proud of these Wind Chimes.  A great deal of time, physical effort and mental exertion has gone into getting these the way we want them and we think you will agree.

The subsequent pages on this site are devoted to that goal.  We hope that ultimately you decide that you want one of these for your own, or as a gift, and when received you will join our other owners in proclaiming that these are the best sounding chimesthey have heard and you will agree that handmade and hand tuned Wind Chimes are a joy to own.  www.winddancerchimes.com to hear the chimes.

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