1.   What is Yorbin?

Yorbin is a friendly online marketplace where buyers and sellers come together to do business.

2. What are the Fees?

There is a $0.50 listing fee for each item listed. 

There is no commission when your item sells. 


3. How to make an account?

To make an account, click on “register” next to the search bar. Fill out your “personal details”. Please note, your phone number will not be seen by other yorbin users, and yorbin will not call, or give out your number as stated in our Privacy Policy

Next, fill out your address, city, and state. Please note, yorbin is only available to the United States.

Once that’s completed, select the type of user you want to be. If you are only going to buy things, select “buyer”. If you will be selling things, choose “both, buyer and seller”. If you chose both, you will need to add your PayPal email address. 

Lastly, choose a password to keep your account secure, and click whether or not you want to subscribe to our Newsletter. We will keep you up to date with any deals or savings through our Newsletter.



4.   How to Sell an Item?

To sell an item, first sign in

Click on “Sell” located at the top right of the screen, above the search bar.

Select the “category” that best fits your item.

Add a Title for your item

Add up to 5 pictures for your item.

Choose the “brand” and “model” of your item

Add a descriptive description! 

For “price”, choose the amount that you want to be paid for the item, not including shipping costs.

For “shipping”, put just the cost of shipping your item only. 

Add “item tags” including the location of your item, the name of your item, and anything that may make your item be found easier by your potential customers.


 5.   Am I protected as a Buyer?

Yes! Because all transactions take place using PayPal, if your item arrives, or is dropped off, significantly different than described, or never arrives, you are eligible for a full refund. Please see PayPal’s Purchase Protection for more information.


6.   Am I protected as a Seller?

Also yes! PayPal also offers Seller Protection, which will cover you in the case of a problem where you were the Seller. Please see PayPal’s Seller Protection for more information.


7. Where can I find more information about Yorbin?

You can learn more about yorbin on our Youtube channel, Facebook or Contact Us with any questions you may have!



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