SYSTEM-1 Under the seat Amplified Subwoofer with remote speakers

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System 1 - Amplified

Flat active aluminum subwoofer enclosure with 8” woofer plus 2-channel amplifier. Two 3” mid-tweeter satellite speakers in die cast metal housings. RCA or speaker level input (2 channel). Built in adjustments include separate gain control for 2 channel amp and subwoofer, high pass filter for satellites, subsonic filter bass boost and low pass filter for the subwoofer. Has auto power on if using speaker level inputs. Amplifier installation kit included.

Amplifier power: 150 watt subwoofer / 2x50 watt mid / tweeter. 

Technical Specifications 
Type: Flat active subwoofer enclosure (8") + 2-channel amplifier 
Subwoofer power: 150W max / 75 RMS 
Subwoofer frequency response: 45Hz -150Hz 
2-channel amplifier power: 2 x 50W / x25W RMS 
2-channel amplifier frequency response: 55Hz-55Khz 
Impedance: 4 Ohms 
Cable power: Directly from battery Fuse: 30 amp SNR > 80dBa - THD < 0.8%

Subwoofer enclosure - 2.8” x 13.5” x 9.8” 
Satellite Speakers - 3.2” x 3.75”


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